Marketing plan

Marketing is interested in the survival of the business through profitability and customer satisfaction.

We set the general business context and objectives, by using appropriate tools

  • Strategic & Tactical Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creation of specialized software
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Market Researches for the attractiveness of a product or service (CSS, KANO MODEL, CVA)
  • Extraversion - Exports

Basic alternative strategies

"Companies can’t give job security.
Only customers can! "
Jack Welch
C.E.O / General Electric


Marketing is interested in the survival of the business through profitability and customer satisfaction.

Marketing must take into account the following principles:

  • Focusing on the Market and the Customer.
  • Market Segmentation.
  • Careful selection of market segments.
  • Identification of Competition and Differentiation.
  • Thorough evaluation of the portfolio (product or service).
  • Avoiding focus exclusively on pricing.
  • Particular focus and emphasis on Quality Customer Service.
  • Effective promotion of company’s Competitive Advantages.
  • Development of long term relationships with the Customers.
  • Supporting activities at an Integrated Marketing Strategy.

Multipartite Marketing or Strategy  

The role of marketing in customer behavior:

  • Understand the behavior of customers and the factors affecting it.
  • Identify the differences between customers (segmentation).
  • Design and implement policies that fit with customers of target market at the level of product or service, in order to achieve business goals.

Marketing planning process


CSS (Customer Satisfaction Survey): Evaluates factors that significantly affect customer satisfaction.

  • Assessing the extent of the company’s customer satisfaction.
  • Identifying parameters that contribute to customer satisfaction, by prioritizing their significance.
  • Evaluation of the "deficit" satisfaction for the company in the parameters that are high on the hierarchy.
  • Proposed actions to company.

KANO MODEL: Looks for new features that can excite customers.

  • What is the feature that a new product need to have necessarily.
  • What is the feature that its absence does not cause disappointment.
  • What is the feature that excites customers and can be a competitive advantage.

CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis): Assess new product and service ideas.

  • What is the preference of the customer / consumer for a new product with reference to existing products or new concept.
  • What product characteristics (attributes) have a higher degree of preference for targeted consumers.
  • Price elasticity.
  • Enables preferences esteem between existing and new products for different price levels.
  • Brand elasticity.
  • Eventually, approaches the degree of new product preference (not the market share).
  • Estimates the optimal image of the product for each target group and shows the image and its positioning improvement.
  • Feasibility study for development in a new market (Domestic or abroad).



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