People are the foundation of social networks and are not in the networks to buy or sell, but they are out there to interact. They want information and feedback.

Social networks are a seamless focus group, which enable companies to develop their human dimension and make them less impersonal. No need to be everywhere, in all social networks. Wants careful exposure, because the appearance of many channels can cause a negative impact. 

Businesses personalize their approach and open dialogue with their audience in order to increase sales potential. It is also important to know about what to look for to improve your interactions on the Social Media.

The significance of social networks for businesses is particularly important, since:

  • they connect businesses with customers - consumers
  • people are the foundation of their operation
  • the Companies can observe and listen to customers
  • they show the human face of the corporate entity


We have the experience and knowledge to provide consultancy services and develop human skills projects exclusively tailored to needs of startups, scale- ups, executives, managers and professionals to improve their competitiveness and achiving their goals.

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We offer experience in many areas, supplemented with a full range of technical tools. Our customized consulting services are in two fields: a) business consultancy with focus on needs for Business Development, Marketing Planning and Communications of startus and scale- ups, and b) people development in communication and management skills for professionals and executives.

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