Crisis management

The effective Communication of positive data and the organization’s activities build the image and maintain its reputation.

"... if you know well before the bad augurs
- feature of a prudent man only-
It is easy to heal.
But if, for lack of this knowledge, you allow them to grow
so that everyone can recognize,
then there is no cure. "
N. Machiavelli - "The Hegemon" 1513

Both anticipation and management of crisis protect the reputation of the organization

Major crisis causes caused by natural phenomena, mechanical problems, human errors, or management decisions.

More than 50% of companies worldwide have not a crisis response plan. Average life of a crisis is 8 months, while in organisations without Crisis Plan were 2 to 3 times longer.

Crisis stages


We have the experience and knowledge to provide consultancy services and develop human skills projects exclusively tailored to needs of startups, scale- ups, executives, managers and professionals to improve their competitiveness and achiving their goals.

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We offer experience in many areas, supplemented with a full range of technical tools. Our customized consulting services are in two fields: a) business consultancy with focus on needs for Business Development, Marketing Planning and Communications of startus and scale- ups, and b) people development in communication and management skills for professionals and executives.

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