Performance management

The Performance Management concerns organizations, business units, the various business functions, the projects, the employees and the development of products or services, and plays a dominant role in the success or failure of a business.

The employee performance is always important for executives who are constantly under the pressure of the achievement of objectives and performance, ensuring that people work supports and promotes the organization’s goals.

The Performance Management is an important procedure for monitoring the performance and career development, but requires:

But the question needs answer is to what extent the current capacities are utilized effectively and achieved the desired results; Whether quality criteria considered in the assessment and ensure that the employee is doing the right thing;

KPIs are metrics that link the vision of the organization with the individual action. To ensure that the daily activities of employees are actually aligned with the strategy of the organization, KPIs should focus on what employees do in fact.

The employee performance affects the performance of the company and for its improvement it is sought a quick solution through a training course or by moving the employee to another role.

But how effective is this treatment? Do you need a different approach? What can we do? Which solution best fits our needs or in our case?


We have the experience and knowledge to provide consultancy services and develop human skills projects exclusively tailored to needs of startups, scale- ups, executives, managers and professionals to improve their competitiveness and achiving their goals.

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We offer experience in many areas, supplemented with a full range of technical tools. Our customized consulting services are in two fields: a) business consultancy with focus on needs for Business Development, Marketing Planning and Communications of startus and scale- ups, and b) people development in communication and management skills for professionals and executives.

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